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Everything You Need to Know About Thundersnow

June 2, 2022
Everything You Need to Know About Thundersnow
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Thundersnow might sound like a made-up word, but it’s very real. This is a kind of winter thunderstorm that takes place in colder climates where the primary precipitation is snow and ice, rather than rain. Think of thundersnow as a normal thunderstorm…but colder.

If you live in the Great Lakes part of Canada and the United States, you’ve probably already experienced weather like this. Thundersnow is most common in this region, and while it may happen during the dead of winter, they actually usually occur in April or May. For this reason, it’s important for every business in the Great Lakes area to have a good relationship with a local snow contractor.

Thundersnow can appear out of nowhere, so that relationship with professional and reliable snow contractors like Earth Development can be hugely valuable.

The Dangers Of Thundersnow

Just as regular storms can pose a real danger to anyone caught in this, thundersnow poses quite a lot of danger too. These storms are very strong, often come with high-speed winds, and even include lightning.

Some storms might come with as much as four inches of snow every hour, and the longer the storm lasts the worse visibility gets. And, even when the wind isn’t very strong, the snowfall alone can cause chaos for businesses and private citizens. Roads can become inaccessible and even when the roads are cleared, visibility makes it dangerous to go outside.

As well as the high-speed winds, the snowfall, the freezing temperatures, and the low visibility, ice accumulation is one of the most dangerous elements of these storms. Once thundersnow stops, the low temperatures mean that frozen surfaces remain frozen for quite some time.

That’s just another reason why a good relationship with a local snow contractor is important.

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How to Prepare for Thundersnow

While thundersnow often arrives quickly and without very much advanced notice from meteorologists, there are steps you can take to ensure you’re prepared for it. The first is knowing that a reliable, reputable team of snow removal experts are ready and able to help you as soon as you need it.

Contacting a snow removal company after a storm takes place usually means you’ll be competing with a host of other companies and individuals who didn’t plan well enough in advance. By establishing a relationship with the Earth Development team right now, however, you can ensure you get the backup you need as soon as bad weather breaks out.

We offer snow removal services following large snowfall to ensure your parking lots and entryways are clear, and we also offer anti-icing and deicing services. We’ll maintain outdoor surfaces on a regular basis during the winter months to help prevent ice formation, and in the event of particularly bad weather, we’ll offer additional services to help improve grip.

Other steps you can take include performing a full assessment of your outdoor space, identifying areas that might become particularly dangerous during a snowstorm. This might include raised paving stones that become a tripping hazard in low visibility, or cracks and potholes that may get worse as ice fills in those gaps, thaws, and refreezes.

Speak to Your Local, Expert Snow Contractors

For more information about how to prepare for thundersnow, or to arrange ongoing preventative maintenance and snow removal services for your home or business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Earth Development team!

With years of experience in the industry and a large fleet of vehicles, we are fully equipped to help you as soon as the bad weather arrives. We’ll attend your property as soon as you need, and ensure that your, your customers, and your colleagues can all safely access your property during adverse weather conditions.

We even offer free, no-obligation quotes! So what are you waiting for?

Eddy Zakes
Eddy is a distinguished expert in the snow removal and landscaping industry, boasting over 20 years of experience. As an Advanced Snow Manager certified by the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), he is dedicated to upholding the highest industry standards. His strong commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of improvement makes him a trusted voice in the snow removal and landscaping.
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