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Four Things That Determine Whether Deicing Agents Work On Your Driveway

June 2, 2022
Four Things That Determine Whether Deicing Agents Work On Your Driveway
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At Earth Development, we have developed a reputation for providing the most comprehensive and effective snow removal and deicing services across Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and beyond. We’ve done that by offering pre-emptive deicing and treatments to ensure your property is prepared for the freezing weather.

With a combination of highly effective deicing agents, we reduce the chance of your outdoor surfaces freezing over in the first place. We also take into consideration several variables that change the effectiveness of ice melts and deicers.

One of the best agents we use in a hot melt deicer – a blend of 20% magnesium chloride and 80% sodium chloride. The result is an agent that melts ice quickly even at low temperatures. It remains effective even below freezing point, it’s quick and easy to apply, and it’s suitable for a huge range of surfaces.

Before applying our hot melt deicer to your property, however, we’ll consider the following four factors.

Factor One: The Freezing / Melting Point of the Reagent

The first thing we must always consider is the freezing and melting point of the reagent we use. The temperatures outside will typically dictate the kind of product we use, as if the temperatures are well below freezing, some agents simply won’t work.

That’s why we tend to use hot melt deicer, as it remains effective even at below-zero temperatures.

Factor Two: Temperature Of Icy Surface

Road Deicing

In line with the freezing and melting point of the reagent we use, we will consider the temperature of the surfaces we are treating and the temperature outside.

If the temperatures are so low that it’s hard to avoid surfaces freezing completely, other products may be used. Sand, for instance, helps increase friction on icy surfaces even if the temperatures stay low.

There are lots of agents we can use to reduce the chance of freezing while also ensuring it’s safe to walk and drive on those surfaces during winter weather events.

Factor Three: Snow Quantity

The amount of snowfall will also determine the kind of deicer used or the course of action we take. Earth Development utilizes a fleet of vehicles and heavy equipment to ensure that your property is effectively cleared of snow and safe to walk on.

We’ll use our snowblowers, snowplows, and a range of other pieces of equipment to ensure that the snow is removed first and foremost. From there, we’ll use various deicing agents to make the ground safe to use – and to ensure that ground doesn’t easily re-freeze.

The more snow there is, the more you can benefit from our snow removal service!

Factor Four: Features of the Relief

The kind of agent we choose also depends on the kind of ground that needs treating. Some surfaces have more features, cracks, and variations than others.

Large parking lots are perhaps the simplest to treat, as they can be treated with sufficient quantities of the same deicing agent. However, on areas with cobblestones or paving stones, or where there may be uneven ground, differing quantities of different agents may be necessary.

Earth Development performs a full assessment of your outdoor space to ensure we’re always using the right agents.

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Sometimes, laying salt yourself just isn’t the right way to go about deicing in the winter. Earth Development offers commercial customers a reliable and affordable snow removal and deicing service in Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, and beyond!

Call our team today at (866) 576-7817, or reach out online, and we’ll book you in for a free consultation and quote. We’ll examine all these factors and put a plan in place to ensure you’re ready for whatever the winter has to throw at you!

Eddy Zakes
Eddy is a distinguished expert in the snow removal and landscaping industry, boasting over 20 years of experience. As an Advanced Snow Manager certified by the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), he is dedicated to upholding the highest industry standards. His strong commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of improvement makes him a trusted voice in the snow removal and landscaping.
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