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How Snow Piles Can Negatively Affect Your Commercial Property

June 2, 2022
How Snow Piles Can Negatively Affect Your Commercial Property
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Commercial property managers in the Midwest will know how important it is to safely remove snow and apply salt or sand to the ground when the winter comes.

Hiring a reliable snow removal professional is the first step to ensuring that your parking lot, sidewalk or entrances are safe for customers to use. However, you should also be aware of the problems presented by snow piles.

Snow Piles May Obstruct Vision

Snow piles are typically left behind when the snow has been shoveled or displaced with a snow blower or snow thrower. These piles are typically left until the snow naturally melts, and even if these piles are in a corner of your property you may still experience problems that ultimately lead to accidents.

These piles of snow may, for instance, make it harder to read road signs, making conditions dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that snow piles are kept away from entrances, exits, and turns on the road.

Snow Piles May Block Important Areas

Snow Piles Affect Commercial Property

Not only can piles of snow block signs and cause visibility issues, but they may also pose a hazard by blocking fire hydrants, street corners, handicap accessible parts of your parking lot, and more.

It can be tough finding the exact place where a pile of snow won’t cause problems, particularly on commercial properties that are required to follow various laws and regulations relating to accessibility.

Snow Piles Create Dangerous Conditions

A pile of snow may also cause dangerous conditions, either by collapsing onto the pavement as it melts or by spreading cold water that is gradually melting from the pile across the rest of your property.

As the snow melts and causes puddles and streams on your parking lot or walkways, that thin layer of water on the ground may then re-freeze and create an even more hazardous environment than when there was snow on the ground.

Snow Piles Negatively Affect Your Property’s Appearance

Don’t forget, of course, that these piles of snow just don’t look good. If your company values image, whether you’re an office providing professional services or a retail store trying to entice customers, then a big pile of dirty snow is not a good look.

For this reason alone, many companies opt for snow removal services that remove the snow from their property entirely.

Snow Piles Affect Your Property Management

Negative Effects Snow Piles Commercial Property

Finally, remember that snow piles will affect your overall property management. It causes headaches in terms of parking, as the piles will often take up several parking spaces – and cars will not be able to park immediately next to the pile, either.

It means that you’ll have fewer customers during busy periods, and some people may not even feel safe walking around the piles to enter or exit your business.

If you’re looking to make your work as a facility manager more manageable, then consider removing these snow piles entirely.

Be Prepared and Hire a Reliable Snow Removal Company

The safest and most reliable way to get rid of snow piles is to hire professional snow removers. At Earth development, we provide businesses across the Midwest with reliable, affordable, and convenient snow removal and deicing services.

We’ll ensure your business property is accessible and safe for customers and employees.

For a free quote or to learn more, call the team today at (920) 406-1422!

Eddy Zakes
Eddy is a distinguished expert in the snow removal and landscaping industry, boasting over 20 years of experience. As an Advanced Snow Manager certified by the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), he is dedicated to upholding the highest industry standards. His strong commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of improvement makes him a trusted voice in the snow removal and landscaping.
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