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Should Companies in Wisconsin Stock Up On Rock Salt for the Winter?

June 2, 2022
Should Companies in Wisconsin Stock Up On Rock Salt for the Winter?
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Any business that operates in a part of the world that has harsh winters knows the importance of having rock salt to hand. It’s a key part of any winter plans to keep parking lots and pavements free from ice and safe for customers, clients, and colleagues to use. Companies throughout Wisconsin often stock up on rock salt to ensure they’re fully prepared for any harsh winter, and it’s a wise move.

Having salt available means a company can quickly respond to freezing conditions or snowfall, and help prevent the pavement or concrete freezing over in the first place. For this reason, many businesses throughout Wisconsin fear that they may not have enough come wintertime or that a shortage may catch them out.

If you’re wondering whether you should stock up on rock salt, then the answer is yes…and no. Let’s take a look at the importance of salt during the winter, why you should always be prepared, and steps you can take to make sure your outdoor areas are deiced and cleared to the highest and safest standards possible.

Has Wisconsin Experienced A Rock Salt Shortage In the Past?

Yes. Wisconsin has experienced salt shortages in the past and it may happen again. In 2019, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported how much of southeastern Wisconsin experienced major snowstorms and, as a result, suffered from a shortage of salt. Hardware companies were restocking for weeks but ultimately ran out of supplies hours after they hit the shelves.

For this reason, it’s important for any home or business to keep some rock salt at home or at a business property. Even a single bag can come in handy and ensures that you’re not caught out when people are purchasing salt last-minute.

For many big businesses, however, this might not be the most ideal situation and for that reason, it’s important to have a contract with a local snow contractor who can ensure your business property is always prepared for freezing conditions.

Deicing with Salt

The Dangers Of a Salt Shortage

A salt shortage causes huge problems for businesses, homeowners, and commuters. A lack of salt often means roads cannot be made sufficiently safe, people cannot access parking lots, and many people cannot walk safely while out on the street. Salt, along with professional snow contractors, is hugely important come wintertime.

When a salt shortage hits, business and life cannot go on as normal and cannot continue until the weather warms up or stocks are replenished.

Important Considerations When Storing Salt

If you do decide to stock up on salt for the winter, it’s important to consider how you store it. For the salt to work when you use it, you must ensure that it is not first exposed to moisture. If you leave your salt uncovered and in a damp or moist place, it’s likely that it won’t have much of an effect when you come to use it.

You also need to think about storage temperature. Keep your salt above 20 degrees Fahrenheit or you risk the rocks sticking together and forming clumps. That won’t be very useful when the snow and ice come.


Trust Local Snow Contractors, Earth Development

Remember how we said that the answer to whether you should stock up on rock salt is yes and no? That’s because Earth Development is always at hand to ensure your business is prepared.

Whether you choose to stock up on rock salt or not, you can count on our team or always have the supplies to get the job done. We offer regular pre-treatment and preventative services as well as normal snow removal jobs to help you deal with the cold, harsh winters.

For more information about how we can help your business in Wisconsin, or to get your free quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch online or give us a call at (866) 945-4927!

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